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How much is the Shipping Charge?

Do you Ship Internationally?

How long will my Order take to be Delivered?

How to I track my Package?

Can I check my Estimated Delivery Date

Do you provide Express Delivery?

You've exceeded the Expected Delivery Date. What should I Do?

I Purchased my Product on Sale, can I apply for a Refund or Return?


Can I Add to an Existing Order?

How do I Redeem my Gift Card?

How do I Get in Touch with You?

How Do I Check my Order Status?

The Items in my Cart are Sold Out - What Happened?

I Placed my Order, but Haven't received a Confirmation?

Can you Gift Wrap my Order?

Can I return a Gift I'm not to Keen On?


What Payment Methods do you accept?

How do I Redeem a Discount Code?

Help! My Coupon Code isn't working

What does Payment Review Mean?

Returns & Exchanges


What do you mean by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

How Do I Return a Product?

How do I check if my order is Eligible for Return?

What if I want to Return my Product but the 48 Hour Time Limit has been Crossed?

Do you Provide Return Pickup for the Order?


Can I Cancel my Order?

What are the Steps to Cancel my Order?

How long will it take to Receive my Refund after Cancellation?

Does HiHoney assure of Complete Refund against my Cancelled order?

Help! I can't find the Cancel link